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In-Office Diagnostics and X-Rays

X-ray Diagnostic Services are Done in Our Office for Your Convenience

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Striving To Cover All Your Foot & Ankle Needs

Digital X-Rays and fluoroscopy mini c-arms for Diagnostics and Procedures
X-ray machine in Dr. Farajian's office

Our office is equipped with the very latest diagnostic technology, enabling us to get live x-ray and fluoroscapy results with only a small fraction of the radiation exposure from traditional x-ray machines.

The live visuals of your feet can help Dr. Farajian find fractures, tumors, and other problems so they can be treated – all without having to go to a radiology center elsewhere and come back for another appointment.

If your feet are in a lot of pain, a fluoroscopy guided needle injection is an option for our patients.

Having an in-office digital x-ray machine allows us to provide world-class service with the latest technology out today, and helps us to provide maximum care with minimum referrals for today’s busy lifestyle.

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