You may save some money buying so-called “custom-fit” orthotics, but in reality it may be a waste of money. Aside from giving you some padding and arch support, they’re not anything like the medical orthotics I make by getting a mold of your feet in my office. Unless they’re specifically made for your feet, they’re not really “custom.”

If you have cracked or dry feet, sometimes you can fix it easily by trying over-the-counter lotions like AmLactin. Rub it on a couple of times a week and the calluses usually go away.

Shoes can make all the difference. Buy your sneakers at a speciality running store even if you just walk for exercise. Poor shoe design can wreck your feet and a trained staff at a running store can analyze your foot and gait to make sure you’re getting the right product.

If you’re going for a pedicure, try to get the first appointment of the day, when their tools are cleaner. Those basins you soak your feet in can be full of germs, even after cleaning and spraying due to drains and filters that don’t get cleaned. And don’t shave your ankle area right before you go in; that’s how bacteria and fungus enter the microscopic nicks and give you an infection.

Our feet often get bigger as we age, so if you haven’t measured your feet for decades, make sure you measure next time you’re in a shoe store.

If you hurt your foot or ankle while exercising, don’t run to the nearest orthopedic surgeon. Unless they’re specifically trained in the foot and ankle, going to a podiatrist is a better choice.

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