Christmas is coming up and we at Family Foot Ankle want your feet to be at their best, especially after all the parties are over.

If you’re going to be attending a lot of parties and functions, then you can avoid those painful sore feet by carrying an extra pair of comfortable shoes right in your handbag. Slip them on at the end of the party and give your feet a break. If you can’t bear to be seen without those beautiful pumps, then invest in some gel pads to reduce the pressure on your feet.

We see many women at our office that have to deal with painful bunions, and possibly endure surgical procedures to remove them, so remember that those high heels can end up causing you more than sore feet. You can also get hammertoes and calluses, and possibly even risk injuries to your feet or ankles by wearing those long heels that can make you unstable.

Take care of your feet as much as possible and don’t overload them with pressure. You should try to avoid wearing heels more than 20% of the time. When at home, wear fluffy and comfortable slippers that pamper your feet, and soak them in cold water (not hot) to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Are you going out shopping for shoes with long heels, to get ready for those parties? Here’s a tip: shop in the afternoon when your feet are already worked and enlarged, so that you don’t end up buying shoes that will feel too tight later on. And never buy shoes on the internet – it’s very important to try them on first and make sure that the heel of the shoe is placed directly under the heel bone so you don’t lose balance and fall.

Take care of your feet and have a very merry Christmas!

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